NJ online gambling is way better…

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of playing online gambling in NJ. It’s way more convenient than going to Atlantic city casinos and dealing with all the chaos and overcrowdedness out there.

Thanks to modern technology I don’t need to get out of bed to play poker. I can play poker in the comfort of my own house :) which I love!

To find out more about the reasons NJ online gambling is WAY better than Atlantic casinos click on this link. Hope y’all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time :)


How Casinos Are Manipulating Players!

To put it simply, all casinos looks the same. But have you ever wondered why?

Why you can never find the exits or restrooms signs?  Why are the carpets inside the casinos so jarring? Why there’s no windows or no clocks for that matter?…

Is it a weird coincidence or a marketing tactic? To find out check out my article.

New York City Lights

Hey guys, I’m so excited to share with you some pictures from my recent vacation to New York city. Although I’m currently living in Cheryl hill, New Jersey I rarely go to see the big apple, and when I do its only for business never for pleasure.

This time I decided to plan a 10 day trip to NYC and with a help of an old friend who used to live there. I went to the best restaurants, museums, shopping districts in town.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 2.55.27 PM

Here are some tips on places not to miss when you’re visiting the big apple.

1- If you’re in love with contemporary art like I am, you need to go to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). The gallery includes paintings, sculptures, photography, architecture, drawings and fascinating prints. MoMa is considered to be the best modern art museum in the world. Do not miss it!!!

2- Eating out: There are so many places i still want to try, but i think I found some spots you definitely need to try out when you go there. I can honestly say Lombardi Pizza place, located in Little Italy, is the best pizza I’ve had in my entire life. photo 2 (1)

For dessert head to Magnolia Bakery to try the best cheesecake of your life.

3- Shopping in New York is a must. Head to Soho for the best shopping day of your life. You can thank me later :)

Meadowlands casino debate

Hey there. Ever since i started writing articles about the gambling industry in New Jersey, I’ve been more and more fascinated with the development and the story related to this topic.

I’m very excited to share with you my recent article about the debate of adding a casino to the Meadowlands. Unfortunately, building a casino on Meadowlands is not going to happen anytime soon. To know more about this conflict check out this link!

Where to eat in Dallas, TX

Well hello folks, it’s impossible to describe to you how much I love food, dining with friends and trying out new cuisine that’s also healthy enough to give you energy for the whole day.

I am so excited to share with you my favorites restaurants in Dallas (If you have any other suggestions let me know, I love trying out new places). Here are two of my favorite restaurants in Dallas so far:

1- Victor Tangos: 3001 N Henderson Ave

It is hands down the best cocktail bar in Dallas. Victor Tangos offers a wide range of specialty cocktails. Personally I loved the Passion Fruit Gimlet. Not only does Victor Tangos have amazing cocktails, it is also know for its good food. Everything tasted great. Try to go there with friends and share  the Shaved Zucchini, Caramelized Onions, Pea Pesto & Almonds as a starter.

Cocktail_Victor_Tangos Victor_Tangos

2- Torchy’s Tacos: 5921 Forest Ln Ste 200

If you’re obsessed with Tex Mex like I am, I suggest you try Torchy’s tacos. The ingredients of the tacos are unique and outstanding. It’s my guilty pleasure. Try this: Dirty Sanchez taco for breakfast, it is amazing.


To My Dear Loyal Blog Readers

(All 2 of you!) 😀

I’m getting more writing gigs lately which is really cool. I feel like I’m learning a lot about the online gambling industry as that is where most of my work is about these days. It’s pretty darn exciting, especially considering all the new/changing laws in the US.

Anyways, I’m planning a trip to NYC on April 10! I know it’s not that far from here (south Jersey), but it’s actually my first time. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics to post on here and FB/Twitter. Be sure to stay tuned for that. In the mean time, love life and be happy!